Hear from the “Collector Bro”.

 Hear from the “Collector Bro”.

Amazing insights on creating a volunteering movement at scale by #PrashantNair, IAS and founder of Compassionate Kozhikode at #VolCon2020


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At VolCon , Prasanth Nair, IAS shared his experience and got everyone thinking about how each of us can ignite compassion among the people around us while making them socially conscious and accountable.

Fondly known as “Collector Bro”, Nair has mobilised tens of thousands of Kozhikode’s citizens to volunteer in Lake CleanUps or caring for the poor, through “Operation Suleimani” and “Compassionate Kozhikode”

Why the previous collector could’nt do anything, and  why I will also not be able to do anything- Prashant Nair, IAS.


From Compassionate Kozhikode to Operation Sulaimani, this IAS officer executed a lot of successful projects for the welfare of the people. From his words, It all started from the very first day of his duty as a district collector of Kozhikode where he was suppose to collect basic hospital eminities and medical equipment, but the only thing that hindered was the fact that the list of supplies was given to previous other collectors as well and they were unable to procure it. 

But giving up was not a word in prashant’s dictionary so, he posted the list on his social media account seeking people’s help. To his suprise everything was delivered to the hospital in less than a week.

This made him realize that compassion is still out there, the only thing to do , is to IGNITE! it.


He, hence incourages youth to be a social-change maker and indulge in activities that can bring the best in society .

Watch this video to learn more!

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