Learn about Desktop Volunteering.

 Learn about Desktop Volunteering.


Come, let’s volunteer”?

What do you picture when you hear “Come, let’s volunteer”? Most of us know it as what we can do at the grassroots level whether it is to teach kids in a class, help clean a facility or plant saplings

All of these are great hands on activities. But, have you heard of Desktop Volunteering and how it can critically change the lives of people/ children from lower income background? 

Desktop volunteering , essentially means ‘remote‘,you stay at one place,but the work you do is impacting somewhere else-Ananth G ,Member eVidyaloka


Ananth G of eVidyaloka, Bindu a homemaker as well as hard core volunteer and Rajesh, Senior Analyst at William Lea discussed at length about how innovative and fulfilling volunteering from a remote location could be. This was very relevant for corporates who could then build social engagement initiatives for their team members without even having to step out of the office!


Know More!

Connecting those who want to volunteer with those who want to be heard – how can desktop volunteering be impactful to both the beneficiary and the volunteer? Listen to what Ananth Gunasekharan, Bindu T, and Rajesh TS had to share.

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