VolCon 2024



To maximise participation and learning of corporate participants

  1. Determining agenda for corporates based on needs of corporate employee volunteer leaders
  2. Identifying and enlisting speakers most suited for the agenda
  3. Maximise participation from corporate employee volunteer leaders

Skills required

  1. A strong Corporate Network and goodwill with multiple corporates
  2. Understanding of corporate volunteering needs, opportunities and challenges
  3. Teamwork, communication and Decision Making

Sanjay Bhatia

CSR Head Volunteering Finance & Compliance, Genpact

Harshith Muppiri

Social Impact Specialist, Atlassian

Misha Bhatt

Senior Vice President, iVolunteer


Director, Programs, Bhumi


To maximise participation and learning of NGO participants

  1. Determining agenda for NGOs based on the needs of NGO volunteer leaders
  2. Identifying and enlisting speakers/participants most suited for the agenda
  3. Maximise participation from NGO volunteer leaders

Skills required

  1. A strong Network with NGOs that engage (or seek to engage) volunteers at a scale
  2. Understanding of volunteering requirements, opportunities & challenges faced by NGOs in engaging volunteers
  3. Team Work, communication and Decision Making

Abhishek Saini

Founder, Lending Hands Foundation


Associate Director, Civic Volunteering, Bhumi

Om Prakash

Volunteer Mobilization Senior Specialist (Manager- VM), Foundation To Educate Girls Globally

Venkat Dusari

Head-Volunteer development, Youth for Seva

Harsh Arora

President, Sarthak Prayas

Megha Aggarwal

Associate - #EveryIndianVolunteering, India Welfare Trust


Senior Manager, iVolunteer


To ensure that every participant has a great conference experience. 7-9 members are required

  1. determining the overall plan for the conference
  2. This will include common plenary sessions, entertainment, stalls, side events and satellite events
  3. Maximise participation and experience of conference attendees
  4. Also responsible for all pre and post-event communication, surveys etc
  5. Volunteering activities as one of the agenda items
  6. Also, focus on engaging participants off the agenda
      • Interacting games/spaces in the venue
      • Adding some elements to Welcome Kit
      • Polls and surveys post registration
      • Pre-event Whatsapp engagement

Skills required:

  1. Prior experience in designing engagement activities for large teams
  2. Experience in event conceptualisation, design and management
  3. Attention to detail, Problem-solving abilities
  4. Teamwork, communication, and Decision making

Neha Kotecha

Software developer

Ajit Sivaram

Co-Founder, U&I

Ashutosh Sharma

Founder, Humans of volunteering

Satyam Gambhir

Cofounder, Platform Commons

Aditya Sen

Regional Manager, iVolunteer

Ramalingam Natarajan

Co-Founder , Director of Volunteering Experience, Volunteer for India

Continuous Learning​

To maximise learning by participants pre and post-conference.

  1. Determines relevant learning resources to be shared pre-conference
  2. Ensure all conference learnings are widely disseminated in the volunteering community
  3. Can continue post-conference in sharing learnings and resources with the volunteering community until the 2024 conference 

Skills required:

  1. Prior experience with knowledge management/ Documentation
  2. Familiarity with learning/knowledge mgt systems
  3. Deep understanding of the volunteering space
  4. Communication, teamwork and decision making
  5. Knowledge of Learning trends

Chetana Koulagi

Founder, LetsTagOn

Ankit Bhargava

Co-founder, Sensing Local

Rohit Bellani

Manager - Volunteer Management & Development, Bangalore Chapter, Youth for seva

Aarti Madhusudan

Consultant, iVolunteer


Co-founder, Bhumi


Enable Marketing and communication for the Conference

  1. Guide the Marcomms team in providing reaching the right audience and maximizing participation
  2. Creating a consistent branding experience for the conference and sponsors

Skills required:

  1. Prior experience in managing marketing communications – including social media and digital marketing, email marketing
  2. Creativity and/or design capabilities
  3. Attention to detail

Aashish Beergi

CEO, MASH Project Foundation

Akhila Hari

Director - Marketing & Operations, Learning Room

Mihika Mirchandani

AVP, Marketing & Communication, iVolunteer

Neha Singal

Manager, Marcoms, Bhumi


Manage budget, spending and fundraising for the event

  1. Budgeting for the event 
  2. Identifying multiple sponsorship avenues and securing sponsorship
  3. Designing and approving early bird discounts and conference scholarships, and fee waivers, subject to the availability of funds
  4. Financial reporting of the event 

Skills required: 

  1. Having a good network of Corporates, foundations to tap for sponsorships, and willingness to reach out to them to seek sponsorship for VolCon
  2. Familiarity with budgeting exercises
  3. Documentation/Reporting
  4. Teamwork, Communication and Decision Making
  5. Attention to detail

Through these committees, the design and conduct of VolCon can be made more inclusive, participative and representative of the diversity of the volunteering sector in India.​

Structure and working of the committees

Each of these committees will have five members who bring relevant domain expertise.

  1. Chairperson: The committee will be led by a chairperson (preferably a member from previous VolCons) who will oversee the committee’s activities, facilitate meetings, and ensure the committee’s objectives are met.
  2. Members: The committee consists of members with the necessary expertise, knowledge, and skills related to the committee’s purpose. Members may be selected based on their qualifications or appointed by relevant stakeholders.
  3. Roles and Responsibilities:Each member is assigned specific roles and responsibilities within the committee. These roles may include task execution, research, decision-making, reporting, and other activities relevant to achieving the committee’s goals.
  4. Meeting Schedule:The committee establishes a regular meeting schedule to discuss progress, address challenges, make decisions, and coordinate efforts.

Expectations from committee members

  1. Commitment– 2 hours/week. May increase closer to the event and based on responsibilities
  2. Meetings:Attend all meetings or at least 75% of the meetings. Determine the frequency and duration of committee meetings. Establish procedures for setting meeting agendas, sharing relevant documents or information before meetings, and recording minutes and decisions afterward.
  3. Knowledge sharing: Sharing knowledge of their domain and previous conference experiences and enabling other committee members to connect with their knowledge
  4. Ownership: Taking responsibility and being accountable for your actions. It often implies a sense of stewardship, whereby individuals have to act in the best interest of VolCon, the volunteering community, and the committee.

Benefits & Rewards

  1. Networking opportunities:As a committee member, you have increased opportunities to connect with peers of the same and other committees. You can build a deeper network within the volunteering community.
  2. Exposure to new ideas and trends: Every committee will come up with innovative ideas, best practices, and industry trends. As a member, you will immerse in the collaborative environment and stay updated on the volunteering ecosystem, which will help you broaden your perspective, discover new approaches, and expand your knowledge base.
  3. Contribute to the community: Volunteering as a committee member will allow you to contribute to the volunteering ecosystem. By offering your time and skill, you contribute to the success of VolCon and create positive experiences for attendees.
  4. Participation: Subject to sufficient sponsorship being raised, your participation could be partially or fully covered. 

Please click the button below to apply, and our organising core group will be in touch if you’re shortlisted.

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