VolCon 2024


Optional Dinner experiences exclusively for VolCon participants

1. These dinner experiences are hosted by the Volcon community exclusively for VolCon participants

2. Some dinners have a limit of one participant per organisation

3. These dinners are optional and have to be paid for extra and will go towards the cost of the meal

4. If there are fewer participants, the host may cancel the dinner, and you will receive a full refund

5. The hosts will share further information

6. If you would like to host a dinner for the Volcon community, please reach out to [email protected]

Dinner 1 - Volunteering to cultivate Neurodiversity Allyship and Inclusion

Neurodiversity is an invisible, often overlooked feature of our society. A lack of awareness and understanding about it leads to a systemic lack of inclusion across all mainstream cultures and life realms. It would be a wicked problem if one impacted more than 35 million Indians.  Solving this will require us to contribute to widening the circle, including persons of diverse abilities.

Host: Pooja Sharma, The Sarvodya Collective 
Venue: Citadel Sarovar (VolCon venue)

Dinner 2 - Funding challenges to scale Volunteering

Growing or scaling up volunteering is not easy. It is essential to find volunteers, engage them effectively in the right opportunities, sustain them over a long period, and track their efforts and impact. Sometimes, a little financial support can help grow/ scale volunteering significantly- support to have a full-time ‘volunteer coordinator or manager’ for a simple vol management software and small marketing budgets for outreach can all be challenging. Over dinner, we try to understand these challenges and potential areas for IWT to support organisations in growing or scaling up their volunteer engagement. 

Host: Venkat from India Welfare Trust. 
Venue: Taamara Restaurant
Distance from Venue: 200 meters  

Dinner 3 - Harnessing Collective Wisdom in the Volunteering Community

Volunteer management is not something one can learn through certification; it’s training on the job to know how to recruit, train, and support volunteers effectively. By sharing our experiences and insights, we can build a stronger community to learn from each other. We’ll explore ways to learn and share information effectively, like newsletters, webinars, and discourse forums. This session will explore how we can learn from each other and collaborate to make our volunteer efforts even more successful. 

Host: Megha, India Welfare Trust. 
Venue: Desi Masala
Distance from Venue: 250 meters  

Dinner 4 - Learning about Care leavers and their challenges

Join us for dinner at Welive Foundation’s residential centres in Bengaluru and meet the young people who are a part of our Bridge Program. Learn more about the needs of care leavers and spread awareness about this cause. 

Host: Ramya, WeLive Foundation 
Distance from Venue: 5 KMs  

direction to the venue

Citadel Sarovar Portico, Bengaluru

41, Seshadri Rd, Racecourse, Gandhi Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560009

Special room rates at VolCon venue!

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Contact Person: Vidhya S, Reservations & Sales Manager, Citadel Sarovar Portico

Mobile: +91 8310159739 /7022045799

Email: [email protected]

Other stay options nearby:

  1. JP Cordial – 1.1kms from venue
  2. Fortune Park JP Celestial – 65m from venue
  3. The Rialto – 300m from venue
  4. IV Sanctum – 1.5kms from venue
  5. Hotel Sigma Suites – 450m from venue

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